Baby Dress

I am glad to have a little more free time now that I have been able to launch my schedule into summertime mode. This weekend I took advantage of the freedom and dusted off my sewing machine to create a sun dress for my little niece. The pattern I used was from Smashed Peas and Carrots. I liked it because of its simplistic style. I also made a coordinating pair of bloomers from Dana Made It. Here is a photo of my design…


Baby Sun Hat

I have really grown to enjoy using Pinterest and the web to find sewing patterns and tutorials, and the bonus is that they are often free. I recently came across a tutorial for a baby sun hat and liked it, so I wanted to give it a try.  Though the instructions are not in English, I felt like I could understand it enough to complete the project. Here is the link to the blog where I found the tutorial.

I chose to make the Baby (size A) from this pattern, to fit a 6 month old.
Here are the photos from my project… I chose a very light soft denim fabric for one side and a fun ocean cotton print for the other side. 



Front Pack Puppy Carrier

My weekend project was to make a front pack puppy carrier for my mom’s new puppy. Isn’t she adorable?! She is a sweet little maltipoo and weighs less than two pounds. I have to admit that I am not typically a pet lover, but this little gal has a way of melting one’s heart.


My mom wanted a hands-free way to carry the little darling on her walks, so I designed and made a front pack puppy carrier for her. Throughout the process, I looked at various dog carriers and incorporated different aspects into the custom design. If I were to make one again, there are a few things that I would tweak. However, for this time, it will serve the purpose quite well. My favorite aspect of the piece is the little leg holes that fit the pooch so perfectly.

Here’s one more picture that I couldn’t go without sharing. The puppy’s playful little personality is just so fun to watch. Pretty cute!


Re-Upholstering a Stuffed Chair

A year or so ago, I bought a nicely stuffed chair from the local church’s annual rummage sale. The price was right ($20), the chair was well-made and sturdy.  However, when I brought it home, I couldn’t get past the fabric design of the chair. To me, it felt like it was about 20 years old. For several months, it sat in my spare bedroom, unused.

As I have mentioned before, winter in Michigan is a great time for projects. Being stuck inside lends itself to having time for larger accomplishments.  And, as a result, I thought I’d try re-upholstering a stuffed chair to see if I could create a custom slip cover that would allow the chair to fit better in my decor and be more to my liking. I began browsing the local fabric store and sure enough, I found an upholstry fabric that I liked.

I brought it home and went to work fitting and piecing the cover.  During the process, I created my own piping to fit parts of the chair for extra added character. And here is my finished result. To me it feels much more fresh and modern.

I trust this post inspires you to salvage something outdated and repurpose it for a fresh look. Please leave us comments to let us know about your current upholstry or any other upcycling project.

Baby Leggings Pattern and Tutorial

Last week, I offered a free pattern and tutorial for a Sweet Pea Baby Hat.  You can see last week’s tutorial here.  My sister-in-law liked the little hat I made for her baby boy, using the Sweet Pea Baby Hat pattern, so I decided to make a few more with a matching pair of leggings to go with each one. I thought I would share the baby leggings pattern and tutorial with you today.

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I like this project so well because the amount of fabric needed and the time involved in completing the baby leggings is minimal.  It makes a great baby shower gift, with a personal handmade touch. 

Here are the matching hats that I made, for my nephew, from the Sweet Pea Baby Hat Pattern. His name is Teddie and I’m loving how the little personalized tags on his hat turned out!


Have you tried this pattern and tutorial?  Leave us a comment and let us know how you liked it.



Spring Sunset

I was so in awe of last night’s sunset that I just wanted to share it with you.  The Creator’s beauty of the black silhouettes of the trees on the beautifully colored canvas was simply stunning. Remember to take time to enjoy the wonder all around you.


Sweet Pea Baby Hat Pattern

Hello, lovelies. Two weeks ago in my post, I mentioned that our family was excitedly anticipating the arrival of two new babies. I am thrilled to say that both babies arrived safe and healthy last weekend.  One almost a week late and the other a bit early, which allowed them to be born so close together. I am thankful for the reminder of the blessing and miracle of life.

As we prepared for these these two sweet peas to enter the world, I went to work at my sewing machine and made some sweet pea sewn baby hats, using knit fabric.  Here is a 0-3 month sweet pea baby hat pattern that I created so that you can make one for the sweet pea in your life. . .

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Cut fabric according to pattern piece instructions. With right sides together fold both upper hat pieces in half and sew along notched area to create the fitted portion of the hat.
baby hat pattern, sarah granger design

I like to add a little personal style to my pieces when time allows.  In this case, I printed a KIDDO fabric tag to add to the seam of the upper hat portion.

baby hat pattern, sarah granger design

Open both upper hat pieces so that they lay flat. position with right sides together.  Sew all the way around the outer curved edge.

baby hat pattern, sarah granger design

Fold the hat band in half, with right sides together, so that the short ends meet.  Sew along short ends.  Turn right side out and fold as shown below.
baby hat pattern, sarah granger design

With right sides together sew hat band to hat top.  And your project is complete!  Try it out on your sweet pea and post a picture in the comments section below.  We’d love to hear from you.
baby hat pattern, sarah granger design

Sunroom Makeover

Winter is a great time to freshen up our homes in the anticipation of the arrival of spring. A friend of mine has a beautiful sunroom overlooking a fantastic view. She decorated the room with lovely wicker furniture and asked if I would recover the cushions for a new, updated look. Of course, I was delighted to accept the challenge of the sunroom makeover.  

Together, we went to the local fabric store to purchase new foam for the cushions and plaid cotton home decor fabric that fit her room's color palette perfectly. 

Sarah Granger Design

We measured the foam for a custom fit for the furniture and cut it to size with an electric kitchen knife. Next, I whipped up individual seat covers in a square envelope pocket style, while carefully matching the plaids on each cushion for the sofa. Velcro was sewn into place for closure in the back.   

Sarah Granger Design

I used a spray bottle of Scotch Guard, applied in thin layers, to project the fabric from any mishaps. It was such fun to complete the project for my friend and to see her face light up when I delivered the finished product to her. 

Sarah Granger Design

Rock A Bye Baby Burp Cloths

Each of my brothers and their families are anticipating the birth of babies over the next few weeks (we are excited!). In preparing for their arrival, I wanted to make something handmade.  Since, neither of the babies will be a first for their family, a lot of stuff is already in place.  I just wanted a little "something" to give as a gift that would be practical and fairly simple at the same time. I decided on hand-sewn rock a bye baby burp cloths. Because every baby needs new burp cloths, you know.

These are not your normal burp cloths, mind you.  These are deluxe burp cloths.  I researched various cloths and decided to create ones that used baby flannel on one side and a plush towel on the other.  Some patterns call for terry cloth, but the terry cloth that my local fabric store carries, seemed far too rough to put up next to a sweet little, soft baby face.  So I went with the very soft plush towel, giving the same general look, which also turned out to be a cost saver in comparison to the terry cloth. 

sarah granger design

To make the rock a bye baby burp cloths:
1. Cut out the desired size from the flannel monkey fabric (approximately 12"x18").  
2. Lay the piece of fabric just cut from the flannel on top of the towel and cut the exact same size out of the towel fabric. 
3. With right sides together (cut towel & cut flannel), sew around the edge.  Leave 3" opening to turn.
4. Clip corners, being careful not to cut threads. 
5. Turn burp cloth right side out. 
6. Top stitch all the way round the edge to hold in place, while at the same time tucking in the edges of the opening.

I used a coordinating bright yellow thread for the top stiching which gives a bit of a fun feel to the design. 

. . . And wah laa. . . You're done!

sarah granger design

I had so much fun making this that I decided to make another!

sarah granger design

If you made a burp cloth from these instructions, we'd love to see.  Post your picture in the comments below!


Encouraging Children to Create

Each week I volunteer for one hour at the local elementary school, working with an at-risk child. I have found that the students I have worked with, really enjoy doing crafts and creative projects, and I have learned the importance of encouraging children to create. Pictured below is a "quilting" project I had the opportunity to do with my first grade student.  She loved squishing the fabric into the foam slits and was quite proud of the outcome of her final product.  What creative projects have you done with a child recently? Share with us in the comments below.

encouraging children to create